Cutler Nutrition DRY Review

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2019)

Cutler Nutrition DRY

Does DRY Live Up To The Hype?

Cutler Nutrition is synonymous with effective good quality supplements that are known for giving great results..  With this very much in mind we decided to takeimage_prodprod1960004_largeImage_X_450_white a good look at this natural Testosterone booster and shredding supplement..

DRY has been developed to provide testosterone support, regulate oestrogen levels as well as helping the user to become leaner, more energised and improve libido.

The Mix

The formula, well, we cant deny we felt let down by this..  Cutler nutrition have not disclosed the full ingredient profile.. as so many others they have chosen to go with a ‘proprietary blended DRY Hormonal modulating Matrix totalling 500mg’ …

We have the ingredients, what we dont know is how much of each ingredient ..

Per Serving Contains Unknown Quantities Of:

  • Isodon Exisus
  • Corydalis Yanhusuo
  • Lontarus Domestica
  • Citrus Reticulata

How To Take DRY

The makers recommend 1 capsule in the morning.

Take for 4-8 weeks then take a 4 week break before repeating as required.

DRY_by_Cutler_Nutrition_at_Bodybuilding_com__-_Lowest_prices_on_DRY_Consumer Feedback

One extreme to the other would be the best way to describe the reviews on some users are singing DRY’s praises, others disappointed at the lack of results..  there are however more negatives than positives in the way of reviews so we feel this one may be a bit of a let down..

Side Effects

Some users have complained of feeling tired..  on the the whole though no real adverse reactions so a plus here..  A few users reported that they were shortchanged on capsule amounts in the bottles..  probably best to check the amount supplied on delivery.

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Where To Buy are one of the main suppliers, you can purchase DRY from Amazon as well as other online stockists..  You can expect to pay between $42.85 (£27.75) and $68.30 (£44.25) for a 28 day course.

Cash Back Guarantees

None Provided

Our Verdict

Feedback from users was pretty mixed so our next course of action was to get into the ingredient profile..  Many of the ingredients (not full disclosed amounts) are not the usual ingredients found in bodybuilding supplements, that we know of, and so we thought a bit of research was necessary..

Isoldon Escisus – a member of a group of flowering plants Lamicaceae that is indigenous to Asia and China – no documented health uses that we could find..

Corydalis Yanhusuo – a member of the corydalis plant family – only real health benefits we could find for this was to relieve pain and also anti inflammatory properties – these are the only documented uses we could find.

Citrus Reticulata – Also known as Mandarin Orange or tangerines..  Some health uses have been documented in the treatment of digestion and reducing phlegm..  has been used in traditional indian medicines.. could be mistaken for bitter orange (citrus uranium) that does have some documented fat burning properties when taken in the right amounts but no known testosterone boosting abilities.

Lontarus Domestica – The sugar palm – native to Asia and parts of China .. could have antioxidant and antibacterial properties..  it has been said that it could have a positive effect on diabetes, STD’s Hiccups and Respiratory ailments.

There are no known Testosterone Boosting or Fat Burning Properties Whatsoever

We have to say that we feel a little let down that Cutler Nutrition have released a supplement promising such good results, but has been formulated with, well, nothing that has been proven to give effective results in any shape or form..

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