BSN Hyper Shred Review

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2015)

BSN Hyper Shred Review

Just How Good Is BSN Hyper Shred Fat Burner

BSN Hyper Shred claims to be an all round supplement promising to : Manage bsnhypershredweight, boost energy and give you the very best workout.

With a formula that creates better focus, metabolic support and a greater physical performance.  BSN Hyper Shred fat burner works on weight control, energy and physical performance while boosting metabolism.

What’s In The Formula

There is a large quantity of caffeine in this supplement – 180mg per capsule mixed with varied formulas and compounds.  Read the full list of ingredients on the label below:


Also contained in the formula is hypromellose, di-calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, stearic acid, titanium dioxide, FD&C red 40, black iron oxide and FD&C blue 1.

bsn-hyper-shred-infoHow To Take BSN Hyper Shred

Take one capsule before your first meal of the day – making sure it’s on an empty stomach. Take a further capsule after 4 – 6 hours if you find that it agrees with you.

Never take more than two capsules daily or two capsules at the same time.

Customer Feedback

BSN Hyper Shred has been met with mixed reviews by users. While some report better focus and energy levels, others feel they have noticed very little benefit from taking the supplement.  There are positive comments regarding weight management, claiming that combined with diet and exercise it works well.

Any Side Effects?

The manufacturers claim that their formula is clean and does not cause any negative effects, however in contrary to what the makers tell ussome users have complained of feeling irritable, shaky and nauseous when first trying the supplement.  Some users have also reported allergic reactions, chest and stomach pains.


Where Can I Buy BSN Hyper Shred

Available online at various certified stockists such as and It will cost you between $35 and $59 for 90 capsules.


There are none provided by the manufacturers

Our Verdict

BSN Hyper Shred is packed with stimulants.. way too many for some users… if you can tolerate it without suffering the shakes or restlessness, then it will possibly be effective for you…

For us, its a little too reliant on stimulants and there is still a big question mark hanging over the safety of the ingredient Bitter Orange.. there have been very few studies that have truly examined the safety and effectiveness of this ingredient when taken by humans…. it is after all one of the closest alternatives to Ephedra which is now banned due to its health threatening side effects..

One To Leave Alone As Far As We Are Concerned – But Could Suit Some

We recommend that you have a look at our recommended Fat Burners page.. these products have been listed because they have proven themselves to be both effective and more importantly SAFE.. some ion the list also offer buyers a cash back guarantee that gives you some protection if you find that the product disagrees with, or doesn’t work for you.

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