BSN Evotest Review

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2015)

BSN Evotest – How Effective Is It?

Sports nutritionists BSN make a natural testosterone booster called Evotest

It is different from many supplements in that it is not pill based, insteadBSN-evotest-30-servings it is a powder that when mixed with water mixes into an effervescent cherry flavoured drink.

It claims to help users build increased muscle mass, improve strength and boost sex drive.


BSN claim that this is a unique product, one that reinvents natural testosterone support.

it can be used quite safely with other supplements

The mix is an undisclosed proprietary blend that includes Magnesium, Sodium along with

  • Ginger
  • Suma
  • Cordyceps
  • Lactic Acid
  • DAA
  • Gingko


Take 1 scoop mixed in 177ml of water twice a day

Cycle for three weeks on, two weeks off.

Warning – Not Suitable for under 18’s and those over 50. Those who have allergies to seafood and nuts should also avoid.

labelevotest_1Users Feedback

Reviews are rare, those that we could find are reasonably positive. On a downside, there are a few side effects that spoilt users experiences of using Evotest.

Side Effects

Quite a few users reported a ‘laxative effect’ after taking this supplement, the taste doesnt appear to be that great either.


None Whatsoever

Where To Buy

Easily Available online, Amazon being one supplier – prices average $50 for a tub containing 30 servings (15 days supply)

Our Thoughts

Evotest does include some effective testosterone boosting ingredients, the only issue is that the manufacturers are so vague about the actual amount of each ingredient that its impossible to know if there is enough of anything to have a positive effect.

With this in mind its hard to recommend, it could work for some……It certainly gives those who hate taking pills an alternative product.

Top Three Product?

Regretfully Evotest does not make our top three testosterone boosters, the products in our list have been picked for their mix of proven ingredients, customer feedback and in the case of our #1 product, a 60 day cash back guarantee – something that virtually no other product offers.

Top Three Testosterone Boosters

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