BPI Sports B4 Review

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2017)

BPI Sports B4 Review

BPI Sports B4: Substance over style?

Sometimes a supplement comes on that really looks the part – swish website, fancy marketing and plenty of buzzwords. BPI Sport’s B4 is one of these.

B4 purports itself to be ‘the most exclusive high-end dual sports performance and weight loss supplement available’, with the manufacturer claiming that this is unlike any other fat burning/pre-workout supplement available.

So, is increased energy, faster metabolism, better stamina and endurance, clearer focus and happier mood really on the cards? Let’s find out by looking at what matters – what real life users actually think.

B4’s Formula

While the formula for this supplement is disclosed online, it’s one of those frustrating proprietary blend situations where there’s no indicator of how much of each ingredient is being used, which is pretty unhelpful!

Nonetheless, here’s what you’ll find:

  • Niacin (30mg)
  • Proprietary blend (totalling 680mg) contains unknown amounts of – caffeine, dendrobium, sword bean, psoralea, Japanese sophora leaf, red wine concentrate, yohimbe bark


Directions for Use

Take one capsule 20-30 minutes before training. On days that you’re not working out, still take one serving to support fat burning.

User feedback

It seems that crazy amounts of energy are on the cards here – this is pretty much unanimously agreed across all user reviews. Fat burning during workouts, the ability to build and sculpt muscle and overall positive, healthy feelings are all mentioned.

But it looks like there’s a little more to it than that…

Reported side effects

Numerous people mention experienced jitters when using B4, and others cite insomnia as another downside of such a powerful supplement.

Goosebumps and chills are also mentioned as a common side effect of this product, and nausea and sickness are reported, too. In fact, it seems that this product is simply just too powerful for many people, which manifests itself in a string of unpleasant, if not potentially dangerous**, side effects.

Where to buy B4

You’re spoilt for choice here – you can find this supplement at Bodybuilding.com, Predatornutrition.com, Amazon.com and A1supplements.com as well as the manufacturer direct at BPIsports.com. It costs around $32.99.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

We can’t see any signs of a guarantee if you’re not happy with this product.

Our Thoughts

WE have one statement about this supplement – LEAVE WELL ALONE!! aside from the annoying fact that the makers hide the actual amounts of each ingredient behind a proprietary blend.. **one word strikes fear into our hearts – Yohimbe… This ingredient is banned in some countries and although still technically legal in the US it is actually listed on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list for its possible side effects that can cause elevated blood pressure, tachycardia and possible stroke and even heart attack…

Quite Frankly – WE Strongly Suggest That You Look Elsewhere..

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