BPI Sports A-HD Elite Review

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2015)

A-HD Elite Review

Claiming To Be The King Of Testosterone Boosters – But Does It Rule??

BPI Sports at the people behind a natural testosterone booster called A-HD Elite

It is marketed the king of all t-boosters, and claims to help support healthyimage_prodprod2120020_largeImage_X_450_whitetestosterone production while at the same time controlling estrogen….

Containing a rather unusual set of ingredients, we set out to see just how good (or bad) this supplement is.

The Formula

A-HD Elite is forumlated using an undisclosed proprietary blend totalling 500mg per serving.. each dose contains unknown quantities of :

  • Montanoa Tomentosa
  • Chenopodium Album
  • Curcuma Longa –  AKA Tumeric
  • Trichopus Zeylanicus


Take 1 capsule each day at the same time…. take on a full stomach.. take for 4-8 weeks and then take a 4 week break before resuming

Users Feedback

General feedback is that of disappointment… there are a few reports of improved pumps in the gym, but as an actual muscle builder it seems to be lacking on many levels

sample reviews courtesy of bodybuilding .com


Reported Side Effects

There are none reported

Where To Buy

GBC and bodybuilding. com are 2 sources.. expect to pay in the region of between $30 – $57 for 30 capsules

Any Guarantees?

None Provided

Our Thoughts

Despite the claims and marketing hype.. quite simply there is nothing in this formula that has any concrete testosterone boosting evidence behind it… the formula lacks virtually every proven T-boosting ingredient known to man, and to be truthful we have not even seen 3 of these ingredients in any other product anywhere.

Montanoa Tomentosa – a member of the daisy family… it has shown an ability to help increase sexual function in test rats…. it has also been used to start uterine contractions in women to help induce labor or abortion…. It has no proven testosterone boosting abilities..

More about Montanoa Tomentosa – 

Chenopodium Album – a weed type plant common to India.. it has no known medical uses and its main purpose is in Indian cuisine and for animal food

Trichopus Zeylanicus – a small herbaceous plant native to Sri Lanka, Thailand and surrounding areas.. It has some documented herbal uses in traditional medicine, largely as an energy booster

More About Trichopus Zeylanicus – 

Curcuma Longa – Otherwise known as Tumeric, is a popular compound used in cooking… it has potent anti-inflammatory properties and seems to also be anti cancer…It can also help reduce fatigue in some users…. Clinical trials have shown that it can also help preserve and maintain testosterone levels in test rats when they are also using certain antibiotics… it can also help as an anti estrogenic..

It has no documented testosterone boosting properties whatsoever.

Read One Of The Studies Here – 

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