How To Make Your Veins Pop

How To Make Your Veins Pop

Want To Make Your Veins Bulge Out Of Your Arms? Read On

So, you’ve been hitting the weights regularly, getting plenty of protein, and trying to eat right, but you still haven’t got the macho, manly look you seek. The size is there, but your vascularity sucks and you have no idea how to make your veins pop. 

make your veins pop

Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of getting the extreme vascularity that you see a lot of the bodybuilders showing off on the cover of Flex or Iron Man. 

Some things boil down to a matter of genetics. You’ve either got it or you haven’t. However, there are certain steps anyone can take that will enable them to make their veins pop sufficiently to provide some pretty impressive improvements in vascularity.

Get Serious About Fat Burning

It doesn’t matter how big your muscles are, if they are covered in fat you are never going to see those veins pop, so it’s got to go.  

Think of all those guys who work their abs so hard in the gym. They’ve probably got a pretty damn impressive six-pack going on, but nobody can see because it’s hidden behind all that belly fat. Well, it works the same for veins. 

Fat is your enemy and the only way to annihilate it and free your inner glory is to cut back on the calories enough to make it go away. Using a good fat burning supplement will help, but there’s no substitute for hard work. 

If you really want to see those veins pop, you know what you have to do and should be looking at bringing your body fat levels down to around 15%. In fact, if you’re cursed with really bad genetics, you may need to go down to 8% before you or anyone else is going to see those veins start to pop.

Reduce Your Salt Intake

reduce salt to boost vascularity

Those white grains of sodium chloride we all know and love as salt may be good for providing some extra flavour to your food but, if you are serious about wanting to make your veins pop, you will need to do yourself a favour and cut back on salt. 

The sodium it provides makes your body more prone to retain water.  So even if you have managed to reduce your level of body fat sufficiently to get a more ‘cut’ look, your veins could still be being held back by puffy skin tissue. 

But don’t think it’s going to be as easy as tossing away the salt cellar and foregoing the desire to do some pre-meal sprinkling. 

A lot of food, especially processed food, contains hidden salt, so you need to get more selective in your choice of food and, if you’re providing your body with more than a teaspoon of salt per day (from all sources), you’re getting too much.

Cut Back on Carbs

As with salt, consuming too much carbohydrate can make your body more susceptible to retaining water. 

Switching to a diet that is lower in carbs will help ensure you retain less water under the skin and are no longer so prone to the puffiness that can stand in the way of you and the improved vascularity you crave. 

Increase Your Muscle Mass

If you want your dreams of improved vascularity to come true, bigger is always better and now would be a good time to get serious about packing on some additional muscle poundage. 

So, if you’ve fallen into a routine where you are lifting the same old weights every time you hit the gym, you will need to start being harder on those muscles and begin pushing them to their limits again. 

It’s not rocket science. You know the drill. The muscles have to be progressively overloaded and that means more reps, then upping the weights and… rinse and repeat. 

HIIT Could Be the Answer

make veins pop with hiit training

Love it or hate it, cardio is important and adding some High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to your regular routine could be a great way to make those veins pop out. 

HIIT involves doing around 30 minutes of short, high-intensity bursts of training.  It doesn’t have to be boring. 

Sprinting, cycling, or swimming, are just a few of the possible options that can be adapted for a HIIT cardio workout and getting “intense” with your cardio can be a very good way to help create or improve upon the calorie deficit that’s necessary for effective fat burning. 

That’s a pretty good reason to “hit” your muscles in this way, but it gets better. 

Consistent aerobic exercise encourages increased capillary density and gets extra blood pumping through the muscles. Over time the results of all this hard work can’t fail but show.

Boost Nitrogen

You can boost nitrogen levels by eating more nitrogen-rich foods, like beetroot, but it may be easier and more effective to use a supplement containing quality Nitric Oxide (NO) boosting ingredients. (Often found in pre-workout supplements)

Either way, boosting nitrogen will encourage vasodilation and the resulting dilation of the blood vessels will help you enjoy better muscle pumps, provide a short-term increase in vascularity and, in the long-term, will move you ever closer to that vein-popping physique your chasing so hard.

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