Best Fat Burning Workout

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2017)

Best Fat Burning Workout

13 Moves that Will Help You Burn Insane Amounts Of Fat

When choosing a workout that helps you burn fat there are three areas that you need to consider when choosing what exercises to do…

The exercises must:

  • Be as low impact and low skill as possible
  • Work most of your body, in particular your hips and shoulders
  • Be ok to perform at higher reps with shorter rest periods in between

We like moves that are easy to perform , but burn massive amounts of body fat at the same time… here are our top 13 fat burning moves:

Put these together to form an intensive and aggressive fat burning workout

Goblet Squats

Many people agree that these are the best way to squat.. holding the weight at the front of the body eases the pressure on your back and helps keep your trunk an upright position..

weight wise, for maximum effect try to hold dumbbells equivalent to half your body weight ( a lot but super effective), but always use the maximum that you can hold… Perform 10 reps per minute for 10 minutes.. simple but VERY EFFECTIVE

Barbell Muscle Snatch

Hold the barbell down by your knees/shins, and then in one swift continuous move lift/swing the barbell straight up above your head, extend your knees, hips and ankles to be as stretched as you can for max effect….

Practice without weight at first to check your technique and then add your weight and go for it…. perform sets of between 10 and 20 reps, or simply repeat continuously for 2-3 minutes for maximum fat burning

Alternating Kettlebell Swing

Boosts fitness, builds muscle and burns fat… swing the kettle bell back and forth, switching between hands, this allows you to swing for longer, increasing its fat burning effect..

Perform 30 seconds of swinging followed by 30 seconds rest continuously for 10-30 minutes…. OR do 10 reps per minute with a heavy weight for 10 minutes, OR 20 reps per minute with lighter weight – rest as required

Dumbbell Farmers Walk

Walking is a great way to maintain fitness and control body fat.. add some weight to the equation and the increase in intensity will burn fat and build muscle at the same time.. holding the barbell in one hand while you walk allows you to swap arms as one fatigues and enables you to continue for longer, also vary where you hold the dumbbell, try a mix of overhead, chest height and hip level… try and do sets of 1-2 minutes for best effect

Box Squat Jumps

These type of exercises are known as plyometric exercises and are great for stimulating the faster twitch muscle fibres and burning that unwanted fat away… sit down between reps, to protect and rest the knees, adjust the height of the box to suit your fitness levels and mobility

Stepup Jump

Another move very similar to the squat jump, this exercise is low impact, it trains your lower body effectively and burns calories at an alarming rate.

perform reps until fatigue sets in, take short rest and then repeat 2-3 times

Battle Rope Wave

Great for stress, as well as fat burning, and it doesn’t require too much warming up before completing,.,put on some sounds, then rip into the rope as quickly as you can… perform as fast as you can for 20-30 seconds and then take a 40 second rest before repeating… keep your abs tight and your back straight for a powerful muscle pump and a great cardio workout

Bear Crawl

Bear crawls have more benefits than most other moves.. they improve pelvic and hip positioning as well as the way you breathe, they also strengthen wrists, hands as well as your core… Bear Crawl for a minute and then perform lunges for another 2 minutes…. try and perform 10 sets of both for an amazing fat burning workout

Walking Lunge

An amazing and continuous move that not only burns fat, it also strengthens and stabilise your hips and thighs… end each workout with walking lunges for 10 minutes.. it will keep your hips mobile, torch fat and boost your cardio fitness levels

Box Thruster

Anyone familiar with cross-fit should be familiar with this move.. its a combination exercise that involves moving from a squat to an overhead press.. if you are inexperienced, start by sitting on a bench or box and stand up to the press from there… once your squat technique is perfected, then get rid of the box and stat from done in the squat position…do continuously for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second res, and then continue for between 5 and 10 minutes


WE love TRX, its a great workout for the entire body, its very low impact and provides a powerful body changing movement.. by holding the straps, you can squat down for longer, and then jump up at the top of the pull to really make your fat cells scream… try to go non stop for 2 minutes and then rest for another 2 minutes

Blast Off Pushup

Basically a push up that you do while straightening your legs to propel your body forward as you go up… start with bent legs, as and you push up, straighten your legs.. this not only boosts fat burning but it helps to improve your stability, upper body muscles and your core… try to perform these for 20 seconds continuously then take a 10 second rest before repeating until you can do no more..

Skater Jump

these jumps move your body from side to side instead of forward and back, they strengthen your hips, and are far less stressful on your knees..

Perform continuously for 40 seconds and then take a minutes rest, repeat at least 5 times

There You Have It – Our top 13 Fat Burning Moves!! 

Most of these moves are well know, if in any doubt about any of them ask a trainer at your gym, or failing that, check out google or youtube, there are hundreds of videos showing you how these moves should be performed…

Enjoy.. Work Hard and Burn That Fat!!

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