Benefits Of Whey Protein

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2017)

What Does Whey Protein Do

One of the most common bodybuilding supplements is Whey Protein, it is a fantastic source of high quality protein that many believe will

  • Boost Muscle Mass
  • Improve Metabolism
  • Improve Recovery After Exercise
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Speed Muscle Repair

Where Does Whey Protein Come From

Whey is a natural by-product of cheese manufacture; it comes from cows milk and is not present in any other food stuff.

Here are of course some other foods that do provide a good source of protein – essential for a health diet and to promote good muscle mass and strength

These include

  • Cheese – 10-30% protein but also high in fats
  • Eggs – 8% protein but high in cholesterol
  • Poultry – 20% protein
  • Lean Red Meat – 20% protein

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Whey Isolates

The only way of adding Whey protein to your diet is by taking a supplement, the most common for of whey is Whey Isolates, these are the purest form of whey and have had all the fats and lactose removed – It is also very low in carbohydrate.

Whey protein isolates contain 90% protein which provide high levels of nutrients and with them maximum gains for the user.

BV Scale

Just how protein is absorbed into the body is measured by using something called the Biological Value (BV).

The higher the BV, the more efficient the absorption.

Some examples are

  1. Eggs –  BV of 100
  2. Beef –   BV of  75
  3. Whey – BV of 170

Whey is also available in a blend form, this is where the concentrate and isolates are mixed to provide a cheaper version of the supplement, while not as effective as isolates, these are usually more affordable for body builders and are still quite effective.

Where To Buy Whey Protein Supplements

Whey is readily available, and can be found in numerous stores in most towns and city centres.

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