Activlab Tribuactiv B6 Review

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2015)

Activlab Tribuactiv B6 Review

Is Tribuactiv B6 As Good As It Seems??

Sold on, Tibuactiv B6 made by Activlab promises to aid its users to build greater muscle mass..  A natural t-booster, we decided to look into the formula and facts behind Tribuactiv B6

The Formulaactivlab-tribuactiv-b6-testo-booster-90-caps

The formula is fully disclosed, something we like, it gives the user the full lowdown on what they are taking..

Each Serving contains:

  • Tribulus Terrestris 1000mg
  • Magnesium 150mg
  • Vitamin B6 1.4mg
  • Zinc 10mg

How To Use

Two capsules per day – however, there are no instructions as to when to take and whether you should take with food or not..

Consumer Feedback does not have any reviews from independent users..  looking elsewhere we could not find any independent reviews either..which is quite unusual for a muscle boosting testosterone supplement

Any Side Effects

None have been reported

Where To Buy seem to be the main stockist, you can expect to pay about $16.00 (£10) for a bottle containing 90 caps..  Amazon do sell the supplement too but prices can vary..

Cash Back Guarantees

None Offered

Our Verdict

The ZMA combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 can provide a very effective mix to give testosterone levels a boost, with that in mind we have to say that one of our concerns is with the small amount of Vit B6 in the mix.. at 1.4mg per serving it is far too weak, barely 20% of what can be found in our top rated product(s).

When you get down to the science of it, Tribulus Terrestris, a popular ingredient found in many T-Boosters, has been scientifically tested on numerous occasions and has shown absolutely no benefits in boosting testosterone..  it could help boost sex drive when taken at the right amounts, so if that is a concern to you then this product could be worth a try..

“Keep Looking”

In the main – We feel that Tribuactiv B6 just isn’t powerful enough for it to provide any noticeable muscle boosting benefits – If you are serious about increasing your muscle mass and strength our suggestion would be to keep looking..

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We have compiled our own list of proven T-Boosters which we feel give the best results..  We have based our findings after examining and taking into account the following:

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  • Proven Scientific Results
  • User Satisfaction (98% minimum Feedback)
  • Cash Back Guarantees
  • Customer Service

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