5 Pre-workout Ingredients To Avoid

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2019)

5 Pre-workout Ingredients To Avoid

Its well known that some pre-workout supplements can cause side effects, the shakes, jitters, headaches, stomach issues and even problem sleeping..

But did you know that some of the most common ingredients found in numbers pre-workout supplements are actually not that great for you and some even potentially dangerous…

Here are 5 ingredients that your should REALLY avoid


Commonly found in pre-workouts due to its ability to help boost muscle endurance while working out….

One thing that isn’t well known about Beta Alanine is that it can cause a side effects known as parasthesia – this is a disconcerting tingling or irritation in the skin that can be rather distracting and unsettling….. while not particularly harmful, there are other ingredients that offer the same benefits as beta alanine but without this side effect – look for creatine monohydrate and also caffeine

DMAE ( Dimethylaminoethonol) – 

Found in a number of pre-workouts as its is thought to have cognition enhancing properties ( in lay terms – it is thought to enhance focus and sharpen concentration) which can be useful when working out – helping you to cut out distractions and enable you to think solely on the task in hand..

The facts are there is no clinical evidence whatsoever that confirms this benefit.. whats more, DMAE is reported to be Teratogenic – this means that it can cause birth defects and other abnormalities in unborn children… one reason why women in particular should never take anything containing DMAE 

Bitter Orange ( Synephrine, or Citrus Aurantium)

Originally developed as direct replacement for the now banned fat burning ingredient Ephedrine, Bitter Orange is commonly found in both pre-workout and fat burning supplements… scientific evidence points to the distinct possibility of it actually being responsible for the same side effects that saw Ephedrine banned :

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Dizzyness

Quite frankly – you should avoid anything containing Bitter Orange..

DMHA ( Aminosoheptane)

A man made synthetic compound developed as a direct replacement for the side effect ridden ingredient DMAA… It is a stimulant that can boost focus, energy and at the same time suppress your appetite.. HOWEVER… there has been very little testing or studying on DMHA, and therefore its true effects and potential for side effects are really unknown

Until further testing has been carried out and its true effects on the human body more clearly known and documented, it’s certainly one that we would suggest that you avoid..

Artificial Sweeteners and Stevia

Many if not most manufacturers put artificial sweeteners (such as Sucrose or Aspartame) into their products – quite simply to try and make sure they taste better… BUT…

These kinds of sweeteners are linked to some unpleasant side effects, these can include:

  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea

And its not only these artificial sweeteners that you need to look out for…. natural based sweetener such as Stevia can also cause similar side effects… This is the key reason why the FDA have not approved Stevia as an allowable addition in foodstuffs and supplements

Finally – Proprietary Blends

Not an ingredient per se, but something we wanted to add into this article… these feature in around 90% of all supplements available today,, A proprietary bend is a formula created by a manufacturer for use in their supplement…. by using this type of blend, they do not have to disclose the full details of the ingredients, the forms or types used and also the amounts found in each dose…. with most proprietary blends, you are most likely getting cheaper, weaker forms of the stated ingredients, also you do not know if there is enough of each ingredient in the mix for it to actually have any effect…. unknown side effects are also possible….

Quite Simply… If the manufacturer does NOT FULLY disclose their formula, then give it a wide berth…. your health is far too important to be taking something that you are not 100% sure whats in it…

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