Why Do We Need Testosterone

What Is Testosterone

The Effects Of Testosterone

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone, found in both men, and to a lesser degree women.. It is an androgen and is largely responsible in both7838868604_b2ef5cbef9_n sexes for our sex drive and moods.

It has most effect in men, it controls many functions and processes including hair distribution and growth.

It also gives the man his deeper voice, controls fat build up and more importantly( for most) it is responsible for muscle mass, sex drive and the general development and function of our sexual organs.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone which means it can help promote strong muscle growth and strength.

It has systemic anabolic affects and helps to regulate certain compounds in our body including sodium, chloride and potassium. It also has an affect on calcium levels and can help to guard against conditions such as Osteoporosis.

testosterone_decline.gifAge And Testosterone Levels

Age has a direct effect on the amount of testosterone being produced naturally, during puberty for instance its at its highest and aids the development of our sexual organs and muscle growth. As we age and the levels start to deplete, we often see a reduction in our muscle tone, size and strength along with a diminshed sex drive. Reduced Testosterone levels can also affect our moods and our sleep patterns..

Testosterone Supplements

With many countries now outlawing the use of actual human testosterone in treatments, many athletes and body builders now use natural testosterone boosting supplements to safely encourage the body to produce more of its own hormone.

When taken regularly alongside regular workouts, a noticeable increase in muscle mass, sex drive and general energy levels are commonplace.low-testosterone

Its Not Just Body Builders Who Benefit From Testosterone Supplements, Any Man Who Takes A Good Testosterone Supplement Can Benefit From

  • Improved Muscle Mass,Tone And Strength
  • Increased Energy
  • Better Moods And Sleep Quality
  • Enhanced Sex Drive

We have reviewed many of the most popular natural testosterone boosters and from our research have compiled a list of what we feel to be the top 3 products currently available to buy

Top Three Testosterone Boosters

Niacin Max Review

Niacin Max Review

The Quick And Easy Way To Boost Your Physical Performance…

The importance of oxygen in your blood flow when building muscle is common knowledge, but did you know that there is now a ‘pill-free’ way of boosting your blood oxygen levels by up to 50%?? the result is increased red blood cell count, improved oxygen delivery to your muscles and brain, which in turn means better results, stamina, energy and improved concentration.box-home

Introducing NiacinMax

Niacinmax is an innovative new product that takes the form of a simple ‘melt in your mouth film’ that in a manner of seconds, quickly dissolves to deliver an effective dose of thiamine ( Vitamin B3) into your blood stream… this dilates blood vessels, allowing greater levels of oxygen to circulate throughout your body, nourishing both your muscles and brain, helping to increase energy, performance and ultimately results..

Niacinmax Works By:

Increasing Red Blood Count  – maximising oxygen delivery throughout the body, boosting energy levels and reducing fatigue

Drastically increases production of HGH by up to 600% – helping to boost fat burning, muscle growth and recovery.

Improves Oxygen flow to the brain – this improves overall cognitive function, concentration and focus

Whats In NiacinMax

The fast melt strips contain just one ingredient – 75mg of pure niacin (Vit B3)


How To Use/Take

The makers recommend that you melt one strip on your tongue every morning 10 minutes before eating breakfast… best results are enjoyed if you take the strip at least 3 hours before a workout..

If you work out daily, or at least 5 times a week, you can improve your results further by taking a second strip in the evening 3-4 hours before bedtime

Users Feedback

As a new product, there is not a massive amount of user feedback just yet, but we did mange to speak to some of the guys who were involved in it’s testing and trials and they were all unanimous.. this product really does deliver some noticeable improvement in energy levels and performance.


img-600percent-clock1Does It Have Any Side Effects

There are no nasty side effects reported so far….

There is however a harmless and short lived effect that users can experience, and this is known as the niacin flush… about 10 minutes after taking the strip, many users experience a slight redness (flushing), and tingling around their neck, chest and arms, this is due to the increase in oxygenated blood flow, which is actually a sign of the product working… It’s completely normal, harmless, lasts around 8-10 minutes and generally reduces in effect each time you use it…

Where To Buy NiacinMax Strips

You can only buy NiacinMax directly from the official website, a box containing 30 strips ( a months supply at std dose) costs $39.99 (£29.99)…. there are some larger packages available at discounted prices..

Our Recommendation For Best Buy is the two box package… Buy 2 Boxes and get another box FREE.. this will cost $79.98 (£59.98)

The makers ship worldwide..

Guaranteed Results67day-guarantee

The makers of NiacinMax offer a full 67 day cash back guarantee… if it doesn’t deliver the results you expect, simply return all boxes (empty and full) inside 67 days for a full refund..


WE always get excited when we discover new products, especially when they are as innovative as NiacinMax strips….

The great thing about this product is that the effects of Niacin are proven beyond any doubt by countless clinical trials ( read some of them here)

The long cash back guarantee highlights the above and the makers faith and belief in their product..

To get to the point…. using NiacinMax strips is sure-fire way of quickly boosting your performance levels and the end results from your workouts…

Quite frankly – everybody should have a pack in the gym bag!!

You Can Get Your Own Supply By Clicking Here To Go To NiacinMax.com